Audition Information

Audition Info: 

Rock of Ages

Gonzales, LA – Ascension Community Theatre (ACT) is proud to announce auditions for its 2017 Summer Musical “Rock of Ages.” Directed by Michael Mason, this tribute to rock takes place in Los Angeles California in the 1980s where true-love and rock ’n' roll go hand in hand with booze, parties, and a lot of hair!

Auditions will be held at ACT on Tuesday, January 3 and Wednesday, January 4, 2017, with callback and dance on Thursday, January 5, 2017, – all 3 nights will run from from 6pm – 9pm. We will also reserve Friday, January 6, 2017, for additional callbacks if necessary.

Please bring a CD or recording of your favorite 80’s rock song, as we will not have an accompanist for these auditions. We prefer instrumental tracks only, but we will accept all form of musical accompaniment. NO MUSICAL THEATRE SONGS FOR AUDITIONS, WE WANNA ROCK!!!!

The show kicks off its tour on JUNE 1st and runs for the next 2 weeks on Thursday - Saturday nights starting at 7pm and Sundays at 2pm; with an additional showing on May 31, 2017, with a “Pay What You Can Night” PLEASE SEE CHARACTER LIST BELOW!!!!


Character List

DREW - An appealing, good-guy rocker with great, easy comedic timing, a boyish charm, vulnerability and a very strong rock tenor voice. Drew works at the legendary Bourbon Room, hoping and waiting for his dreams to come true. He finds an instant attraction to Sherrie, the beautiful new arrival from the Midwest, who encourages him to go after his dreams.

SHERRIE - female, fresh faced, innocent Midwestern girl stepping right off the bus into a new world to pursue her dreams of stardom. Strong comedic timing, strong rock belt, good with harmony, good movement ability. 

LONNY – The narrator of the piece-charming, funny, mischievous, welcoming, vibrant personality, someone who would be fun to spend one crazy night with. Strong and honest with comedic timing/improv skills and strong rock vocals.

DENNIS DUPREE - Classic stoner type guy, former rocker- who runs the famous Bourbon Room club. Torn about whether he should sell the club to Hertz, a German businessman. Very strong comedic timing needed. A laid back, easy going dude. Baritone rock vocals.

STACEE JAXX - A charismatic rock star. Decided to leave his successful hair/metal-rock band to try it solo. Self important, confident and intriguing in all the wrong ways, the ultimate bad boy; he is all about rock-n-roll and its benefits. Great strong comedic timing and strong rock tenor voice.

REGINA - A fun, hippie type, earthy girl who fights against the attempted takeover of The Sunset Strip. Strong comedic timing, belt vocals- A crunchy granola type hilarious tree-hugging fighter who will stop at nothing to protect The Strip.

HERTZ KLINEMANN - An older German male. Uptight, cold, intimidating businessman trying to buy up the Sunset Strip to develop it. The “villain” of the piece. Strong comedic timing and baritone vocals, German accent.

FRANZ KLINEMANN - Hertz’ foppish, flamboyant German son –works for his father, but not by choice. Pressured and intimidated by his father. Shy, gentle with a big heart. Over the course of the show, changes and hilariously stands up to his father. Strong vocals and strong comedic timing, German accent

JUSTICE - female, strong presence, an easy sensuality about her, once a performer, she now operates a gentlemen’s club where Sherrie winds up working. Maternal with soulful vocals and belt.

FATHER - Sherrie’s conservative father, who objects to Sherrie’s move to LA. Will also appear as a member of the ensemble. Strong vocals.

MOTHER - Sherrie’s conservative mother, who objects to Sherrie’s move to LA. but still remains in contact. Will also appear as a member of the ensemble.  Strong vocals. 

MAYOR (male or female) - Mayor of West Hollywood, who is faced with the decision to sell-out to Hertz. Strong vocals and comedic timing

WAITRESS #1 - featured singer- works with Sherrie-hilariously referred to as “Waitress #1” in show. Strong vocals, will also be member of Ensemble

JA’KEITH - A strong character actor/actress with good comedic timing to play numerous roles, strong rock tenor and strong dance/movement ability. Boy band agent who lures Drew away from the Bourbon Room with a promise to make him a star.

JOEY PRIMO - A young male/female with the rocker sensibility, strong rock tenor and strong/dance/movement ability-replaces Stacee Jaxx  as lead singer in the band “Arsenal”. Strong stage presence

CONSTANCE - Reporter assigned to interview Stacee Jaxx. Will also appear as a member of the ensemble. Comedic timing.

CANDY - male cross dressing dancer or female with low voice with strong stage presence

SLEAZY PRODUCER (Male or Female) - Sleazy movie producer who is a customer at the Venus Club. Strong stage presence

VENUS CLUB DANCERS - Sapphire, Destiny and Angel, must be 18+

ENSEMBLE (Male/Female) - Sassy with comedic ability. Should have strong vocals and ability to move well. The Ensemble will play a variety of roles including: 



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